In a time of critical medical need, choosing the best doctor could be the difference between full recovery and health, and debilitating pain and further illness. The Craniospinal Center of Los Angeles has a specific mission in mind: a dedication to excellence, stellar patient experience, and total professionalism in our approach to treatment. Each member of our team comes with relevant background knowledge and expertise in neurology and spinal care, as well as extensive professional experience in general medicine.

Dr. Brian Gantwerker, head of our medical practice, is a highly-respected doctor among local hospitals and medical practices, many with which he has professional affiliation. He has been practicing medicine for 6 years since his graduation from Rush Medical College. He specializes in Neurological Surgery and treating complications in the spine, and he is considered one of the top spine doctors in Los Angeles, CA.

There are many neurosurgeon doctors in the Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Malibu, and Pacific Palisades area. However, none have the dedication, passion, and meticulous expertise that marks Dr. Brian Gantwerker as such an exceptional spine surgeon of Los Angeles. Past patients under Dr. Gantwerker’s care have experienced profound relief and rapid results after consulting with Dr. Gantwerker, staying informed, and receiving exceptional treatment. Dr. Gantwerker stays as knowledgeable as possible on all of the most recent breakthroughs in craniospinal medicine, recommended methods of treatment, and newfound disorders. If you take the time to contact his office, stop by, and consult with Dr. Gantwerker, you will immediately notice the care, quality, and professionalism that the staff at the Craniospinal Center value above all else. Learn more about Dr. Gantwerker, his staff, and how his medical expertise can better your life. Feeling pain or numbness in the back, neck, arms, or legs? Not quite thinking as you normally do? Notice these symptoms in your loved ones? Trust the Craniospinal Center difference, and put your health in the hands of a top spine surgeon of Los Angeles!

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R. Gantwerker, M.D. is a board-certified neurosurgeon specializes in the treatment of degenerative and traumatic diseases of the spine through minimally invasive techniques, spinal cord and brain injury, and brain tumors through traditional surgery or Gamma Knife Radiosurgery.

Dr. Gantwerker is committed to providing newly advanced techniques for the treatment of brain and spine diseases. He is proficient in both minimally-invasive and complex brain and spinal surgeries...